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Ford A Phaeton - 1928
Ford A Phaeton-1928
Ford A Phaeton - 1929
Ford A Phaeton-1928
Ford A Phaeton - 1929
Ford A Phaeton-1928
Ford A Phaeton - 1930
Ford A Phaeton-1929
Ford A Deluxe Fordor - 1930
Ford A Deluxe-1930
De Soto - 1931
De Soto - 1931
Ford B V8 - 1932
Ford B V8-1932
Buick - 1933
Ford Sportsman - 1947
Ford 100 cv-1947
Nash Sleepstream - 1948
Mercedes 190 SL - 1956
Oldsmobile - 1965
Buick Skylark - 1964
Volvo 144-1972
Snow White VW - 1972
Snow White
VW Carocha
Rolls Royce Corniche - 1973
Rolls Royce Corniche-1973
Corsa GT
- 1986
Corsa GT - 1986
Corsa GT - 1988
Corsa GT - 1989
Pontiac Firebird
Pontiac Firebird
- 1984
Echarri - 1996
- 1996
Mercedes E250 CDI
E250 CDI
Mercedes CLK
  WHO ARE WE. Fotos - Quem Somos | Mercedes |  Ford - Branco | Buick 1933 | Ford B V8 1932  

It all began with a great passion for oldtimers and collections. The consequence of that passion is a wide collection, which began more than two decades ago.

After a first phase of participating in tours and exhibits of the speciality, where collectors exhibit with great pride their classic autos, we began to make use of our vehicles in weddings, movies, advertising, sight seeing tours, among other events, sharing with others our collection.

Regarding our work is for us a mater of great satisfaction, the kindness showed by those who have been driven in our automobiles and who were able to get in touch with the past automobile technology that is, without a doubt, one of the historical marks of our society.

An interesting example is the transport of St. Antonio' brides, that every year "stops" the city of Lisbon, to astonish everyone, driven by our antiques along the city streets, from the "City Museum" in Campo Grande to St. Antonio' church, by the "Sé". These «Donas Elviras», as they are cheerily called, with their journey through time, are already a part of the history of Lisbon's feasts, with their joy and colour.

We which you a pleasant visit to our website.

Quem Somos - De Soto 1931

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