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Ford A Phaeton - 1928
Ford A Phaeton-1928
Ford A Phaeton - 1929
Ford A Phaeton-1928
Ford A Phaeton - 1929
Ford A Phaeton-1928
Ford A Phaeton - 1930
Ford A Phaeton-1929
Ford A Deluxe Fordor - 1930
Ford A Deluxe-1930
De Soto - 1931
De Soto - 1931
Ford B V8 - 1932
Ford B V8-1932
Buick - 1933
Ford Sportsman - 1947
Ford 100 cv-1947
Nash Sleepstream - 1948
Mercedes 190 SL - 1956
Oldsmobile - 1965
Buick Skylark - 1964
Volvo 144-1972
Snow White VW - 1972
Snow White
VW Carocha
Rolls Royce Corniche - 1973
Rolls Royce Corniche-1973
Corsa GT
- 1986
Corsa GT - 1986
Corsa GT - 1988
Corsa GT - 1989
Pontiac Firebird
Pontiac Firebird
- 1984
Echarri - 1996
- 1996
Mercedes E250 CDI
E250 CDI
Mercedes CLK

If you need to recreate a certain moment in time or environment, in a movie or advertising we can help you with our classic automobiles to do it.

Until the seventies we can get you any kind of vehicle, from any model, since irreprehensible conservation to the most worn out, to better fit the characteristics of the scene to be reconstructed. Tell us your problem - certainly we'll have the solution.

Our automobiles have participated in movies like: “The House of Spirits” in which they drove Meryl Streep and Jeremy Irons, “Sostiene Pereira” with Marcelo Mastroianni, “The Invisible Circus” with Cameron Diaz, “Passagem por Lisboa”, “Os 25 anos do 25 de Abril”, ”Aurélien”, ”La Français Libre”, ”Arte de Roubar” and also in the TV series: “Alves dos Reis”, ”Febre do Ouro Negro”, ”Ballet Rose”, “Arsene Lupin”, ”Casino Royal”, ”A Vida Privada de Salazar”, etc.

We have also transported the participants of “Big Brother Famous”, the finalists of “Chuva de Estrelas”, and filmed advertising with models like Valeria Mazza ou Cláudia Mergulhão and videos for “Da Weasel”, “Black Company”, "Gutto", "Emanuel" and "Rodrigo Menezes".

Our cars in "Aurélien":

Our cars in
"The House of Spirits":


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