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Ford A Phaeton - 1928
Ford A Phaeton-1928
Ford A Phaeton - 1929
Ford A Phaeton-1928
Ford A Phaeton - 1929
Ford A Phaeton-1928
Ford A Phaeton - 1930
Ford A Phaeton-1929
Ford A Deluxe Fordor - 1930
Ford A Deluxe-1930
De Soto - 1931
De Soto - 1931
Ford B V8 - 1932
Ford B V8-1932
Buick - 1933
Ford Sportsman - 1947
Ford 100 cv-1947
Nash Sleepstream - 1948
Mercedes 190 SL - 1956
Oldsmobile - 1965
Buick Skylark - 1964
Volvo 144-1972
Snow White VW - 1972
Snow White
VW Carocha
Rolls Royce Corniche - 1973
Rolls Royce Corniche-1973
Corsa GT
- 1986
Corsa GT - 1986
Corsa GT - 1988
Corsa GT - 1989
Pontiac Firebird
Pontiac Firebird
- 1984
Echarri - 1996
- 1996
Mercedes E250 CDI
E250 CDI
Mercedes CLK

Give the most special day in your life a touch of charm. Be driven by one of our vehicles and be transported back in time.

Driven by one of our drivers (appropriately dressed up) feel the comfort and safety, not only of the driving, but also in the clearing up of the little details that really make a difference (on which side does the bride sit, who attends her, the right time to exit the car and to go into the church, the kindness of opening the door and helping in the entrance and exit of the vehicle), you will have at your disposal a true master of ceremonies.

At the wedding day we'll get the bride at her residence and transport her to the church and after the wedding, we'll take the bride and broom to the reception. After the obligatory pictures and the entrance to the reception, the driver will retreat with the automobile (his presence is no longer useful). All this takes place without schedules, since we believe that this day should be a relaxed and joyfully one.

Trust our dynamism and experience and inform yourself of our conditions, without commitment. You will be happily surprised with the accessibility of our services.

Automóveis antigos e Clássicos para Casamentos  

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